We have so many questions….

We wish we had more answers.

We have so many questions.

Why did we give Justis a Blackberry and laptop computer at such a young age?

Why did we let him use his iPad in bed nightly from the age of 11 years old?

Why did I put a Wi-Fi booster in his room when he complained about his Xbox lagging?

Why did keep our router and the WiFi booster in his room powered on 24/7?

Why didn’t we read the RF exposure warnings for his Bluetooth Xbox headset and controller?

Why did we let him play Xbox for hours each night?

Why did we even move to Georgia and force him to communicate wirelessly with his friends back in Pennsylvania?


If we had only known that the metal in his braces and glasses could increase his risk of exposure.

Why all of a sudden did our chocolate lab who always slept at the foot of our bed begin to sleep at the head of Justis’ bed while he streamed his favorite shows?

Why did our chocolate lab, Leia, develop a tumor in her head and die from cancer six months before Justis was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive brain tumors known to mankind?

Is it just a coincidence?

Or was it environmental?

Did Leia sense the radiation in Justis’ room?

Why did this happen?

Why didn’t we know about the health risks of wireless radiation before?


We’re not sure if we could ever have all the answers.

But we’re going to be proactive about wireless radiation and protect our other two children as well as everyone else we care about.

We encourage you to do the same and SHARE this story.

#JustisForAll #ProtectTheOnesYouLove

Find more helpful info here: www.ehtrust.org 





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