RUSC Bench Dedication


Bench Dedication


We are so grateful to the Ridley United Soccer Club (RUSC).

It was a beautiful day to dedicate a beautiful bench to our son.

Justis loved playing soccer on that field.

Now we have a place to rest and reflect.

We’d especially like to thank Coach Cliff for his time and effort in putting this day together.

This bench will be a place to reflect on all the wonderful memories that you’ve given to our family. When we look back on our time here with Greg, Cliff and the Rolling Thunder Family, it brings about feelings of happiness. Feelings my family and I will never forget. The all-day tournaments, hanging out in the tent with the kids sitting at Cliff andJJ and Mike Eleanor’s fold up table and the kids making smiley faces out of the orange slices that were provided by all the caring parents.

And even though memories are all we now have of Justis, we are learning to look back with joy rather than sorrow. It is hard but we are learning. His short yet impactful life continues to inspire us every day. We think of him every day.

Justis was smart, funny, honest, caring, hard-working and courageous. If he was scared about what he was faced with, he certainly didn’t show it. True courage is moving forward in the face of fear. It is not the absence of fear. Justis was the type of person we wanted to be around and he made us proud to be his parents.

With love and respect,

Mike and Christen

“Live Well. Laugh Often. Play Hard.”

#JustisForAll #RUSC #RollingThunder

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