iPhone Warning

I wanted to share this info with you so that you can protect yourselves and more importantly, your little ones.

I was completely unaware of this information before I saw it with my own eyes.

Buried deep in the very iPhone I’m using to make this post, there is a warning.

You can find it yourself by going to Settings>General>About>Legal>RF Exposure

You can then click the blue highlighted link which will redirect you to Apple’s website where a minimum safe distance measurement for your specific device is listed for the HEAD and BODY.

Yours and any cellular phone should NEVER be held directly to your head or body.


Most of the children I know use their iPads with the devices resting on their body so this warning is critical.

Use the links below to learn more and please be proactively safe with all device usage.

I understand that we can’t cut these things out of our lives but please take every precaution when using especially with your children and grandchildren.

The FCC has not tightened up regulations since the mid 90’s and has yet to set any standards for children using these devices at all.

In some other countries, cell phones are banned in schools, colleges and even on playgrounds. CLICK HERE to see the full Database Of Worldwide Policies On Cell Phones, Wireless And Health.

In my perfect world, there will be warnings on every phone similar to what was done in the tobacco industry.

My family and I thank you for all the support you have given us through this horrible ordeal.



For more info regarding the health risks of wireless radiation visit: http://EHTrust.org


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