You Became A Wave

Dear friends,
As some of you may know, I’m a singer, songwriter and musician. Music has always been a healer for me in the past and now it is helping my family and I move forward after being blindsided by Justis’ terminal brain cancer diagnosis and subsequent death.
Our waves come strong and steady and we miss him more than words can express.
But where words fail, music speaks. This new song is directly related to the loss of my son and our family’s efforts to heal in the wake of this tragedy. This is the first and only song I have written since his passing. I’m hoping that this song might help others who have experienced the loss of a child.
With love and respect,
Mikeal (Justis’ Father)
All proceeds from the sale of this song will be donated evenly between and in memory of our late son Justis James.

“You Became A Wave”

Silence tears me apart…in two
The love that you leave behind
It moves right through
The pain of it all is a wave
That I ride inside
Leaves me with nothing to face but time
So tell me it’s all just a dream
Tell me I just need to wake
And all the years will fade away
And you became a wave
A wave I couldn’t save
Am I brave enough to say that you can walk away and I’ll be OK?
Your Mother is always awake
She hides
And Auria’s always so brave
She flies so high
Your brother is always the same
He smiles all the time
And I try to take it away
I try to take all the pain so all the tears will stay with me
And you became a wave
A wave I couldn’t save
Am I brave enough to say that you can walk away and I’ll be OK?
When you became a wave
A wave I couldn’t save
Then we became so brave
Brave enough to say that we’ll be OK
Love…It is always a wave you ride
Love is worth all the pain inside




  1. Michael I am deeply sorry for your loss I haven’t spoken to you in years and my heart feels the pain.
    My friend you and your family have my condolences.

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  2. It’s such a pleasure I have gotten a change to met Your son before he went to be with the and your wife are beautiful souls May the lord continue to pour into your lives.

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